CASA MAGAZINE, Santa Barbara, Friday, MAY 26, 2006

Jack N. Mohr mounts a two-part exhibit at ARTAMO Gallery

BY Jefferson Hawkins, CASA SANTA BARBARA

Jack N. Mohr’s paintings and sculpture form a visual contradiction. Bold forms of light and color contrast with industrial hues and textures: nails and wire mesh. Mohr’s exhibit of his recent work will be shown at ARTAMO Gallery in two segments. Part one will be on display through June 4, and after the gallery’s summer break, part two, with a different set of works, will show from June 21 to July 9.

“As a child I was fascinated with the beauty of a power plant or oil refinery, ”Mohr shared. “At the same time I was afraid of it. It is this contradiction of life’s beauty with its darker side that I try to express in my art.”

Born in Berlin, the son of a graphic designer, Mohr began drawing at an early age. He studied art and visual communication at the State University for Creative Arts and graduated with a Masters’ degree in graphic design. He founded his own design studio, and earned international recognition for his posters, logo, and trademark designs.

While pursuing his career as a commercial designer Mohr began working with collages and acrylic paintings, later also exploring photography and printmaking.

A Santa Barbara resident since 1997, Mohr prefers mixed media painting and three-dimensional work. “I use a variety of mediums and often create conceptual series,” Mohr explained. “I prefer to paint with mixed media and acrylics on canvas or work with ceramics, but I also use collage and prints to explore my themes.”

His art has been exhibited in solo and group shows in galleries and institutions in Germany and the United States and is part of many private and corporate collections.

“I want my art to make people think, not just be a decorative object,” Mohr said. “Sometimes people look at a work of mine and say ‘I hate it.’ I say,‘Good, at least you have an opinion!’”