Casa Santa Barbara, Friday, December 5, 2003

New Mixed Media Works by Jack N. Mohr

Jack N. Mohr’s latest work, Progression, states a big change. The new series presents an array of geometric forms, which tumble into labyrinth of interwoven depths, to finally float in a balance of chaos and order. Progression is on view at the Santa Barbara Conference and Visitors Bureau and Film Commission through the end of December.

After a period of working with ceramics and creating semi-abstract acrylic paintings, these pieces show a complete new approach, while maintaining elements of past experimentation in acrylic, solvent, and spray paint conibinations.

“Usually I create a series of work to cover every aspect of an idea or a theme,” explained Mohr. “My sometimes icon-like art expresses feelings, reflections and situations. This often goes together with the exploration of surfaces, structures and the changing effects of light and shade.”

Born in Berlin, Germany, Jack studied Art and Visual Communication at the State University for Creative Arts in Berlin and graduated with a Masters degree in Graphic Design. His design work is represented in the poster collections of two museums in Berlin and can be found in various private and corporations collections.

In addition to his graphic design work, Jack always created art, mostly collages and paintings. When, in 1998, he was introduced to working in ceramics, he became so fascinated by the versatility of this medium that three-dimensional work now is an important part of his artistic endeavor.

In 1997 Jack N. Mohr came to Califomia and has lived in Santa Barbara since. His work has been shown in numerous galleries and institutions in Germany as well as in the United States.