Jack N. Mohr, born in Berlin, Germany, studied Art and Visual Communication at the State University for Creative Arts in Berlin and graduated with a Masters’ degree in Graphic Design.

After working in advertising agencies and design ateliers he founded his own studio. He won awards for posters and earned international recognition with his logo and trademark designs. Jack N. Mohr’s design work is represented in the poster collections of two museums in Berlin and his art can be found in various private and corporations’ collections.

Jack N. Mohr came to California in 1997 and lives in Santa Barbara since. His art has been shown in numerous galleries and institutions in Germany as well as in the United States, east and west coast — in solo exhibits, exhibitions shared with two or three other artists, and large group shows. He was also the organizer and curator of several art and design exhibitions and judge for competitions and art prizes.

Jack N. Mohr believes that graphic design and free art are closely related, like two sides of the same coin — on one side creation under constraints with a determined goal and on the other visual exploration and free flow of expression. He still works in both fields, but with a strong focus on free art. Beginning in the late 1960s with collages and acrylic paintings, then also exploring photography and occasional printmaking, Jack N. Mohr now prefers working with mixed media painting, occasionally crossing the line between two- and three-dimensional work.